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What do I do if I can’t continue to checkout (the button is greyed-out)?Updated 2 years ago

For retail orders:

  • Ensure all correct items have been added to cart
  • Check all required fields have been completed
  • Ensure the order is placed from a computer
  • Attempt placing the order from a different browser or device

For custom orders:

  • Ensure the picture was uploaded correctly on our website. If it didn’t, please refer to our section “Minimum requirements for custom images”
  • Check if the size was selected - the green checkmark and the desired size should be visible. If not, please refresh the page and try again
  • Please ensure instructions are always written in the “Notes” section (minimum 10 characters) - even if they are not necessary
  • Untick the “Remove Red Eye” option

If the button is still greyed out:

  • Place the order in Private mode (Ctrl + Shift +N for Google Chrome) or from another device
  • Delete all cache & cookies of your web browser
  • If none of the steps above worked, you must check with your Internet Service Provider whether you have any restrictions
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